• Conn Usa Alto Saxophone Serial Number

    conn usa alto saxophone serial number


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    Conn Usa Alto Saxophone Serial Number


    Reply To Post by EKuhn (2 posts) 7 years ago Re: Conn Saxophone Models Timeline I once had a Conn Tenor sax, very embellished engravings on the bell. Perhapse we should sticky post info on this to avoid the constant reposting of this inquiry. I'm tempted to try one of those Runyans for the price. The intonation problems associated with most C Melodies is actually the fault of the inexperienced amature players who received them as Christmas presents, or found them second hand and attempted to learn to play by ear with no formal training. Was this made before or after the major move to Nogales? Reply To Post by Sax Mom (964 posts) 9 years ago Re: Conn Saxophone Models Timeline Before. The "M" is only half visible, worn or bad stamping? It's stamped: " M 151336 " I checked with a few other Chu era horns I have and the "M" stamp is the same style of "M" trying to ascertain if someone stamped it later on in the horn's life. Reply To Post by connsaxmanjim (2336 posts) 11 years ago Re: Conn Saxophone Models Timeline Hi Christine, Your sax is a 1940 6M VIII.


    Reply To Post Yahoo! by joford (6 posts) 12 years ago Re: Conn Saxophone Models Timeline Hi there, I've just bought a Conn sax, named "MJ Kalashen, the yankee, new york." Was a bit of an impulse buy, and I'm a beginner. Also, after 1988, it's the first 2 digits of the serial number PLUS 50 that equal the year. I assume this is the roled tone holes as the seller doesnt know much about sax and doesnt really speak english. Could you tell me what model this could be? I do not see any other numbers or letters anywhere on the sax(could have worn off?). Reply To Post by Candyboy (75 posts) 11 years ago Re: Conn Saxophone Models Timeline This is just a guess, but I would say that the "W" stands for Worchester. Reply To Post . CONN HOLTON KING MARTIN SELMER Mouthpiece OTTO LINK SELMER Saxophone BUESCHER BUFFET C.G. What this means is this:. Reply To Post by Sax Mom (964 posts) 11 years ago Re: Conn Saxophone Models Timeline But don't let that scare you, it may not go near that high.


    I guess I know what I can do with these serial number charts, if only the paper was a little softer and not so stiff. Then, they shave off a 0 from the serial number sequence in use at that time, 40,000 (perhaps their equipment was only capable of stamping 5 digits) and that's how they came up with the W4696? Make sense? My guess is that your horn is one of the first 1000 Pan American horns made, and that it was most likely made in either 1917 or 1918. If Conn were owned by anyone other than Selmer, retro models might be a possibility, but Selmer is only interested in making the cheapest possible horns and selling them as student horns under the Conn name. This surprises me, as I thought that the Pan American line was older than that. The M series "officially" started around serial number 260,000, but I have seen what is essentially a Conn 10M as early as 1930.


    One thing I noticed is that the Conn serial numbers in 1917 started around 40,000. Conn diverted to using a four digit serial number on some horns before deciding on the letter prefix. Still, the gold bell and Gold keys looked excelent. with the serial number N 57258V. My assumption is that either the neck was ordered as a replacement, or was taken from another horn at some point. i never plan to sell. Also, this only includes the "mainstream" models and omits models such as the "New Invention" or "Connqueror". I just got a Conn Melody C at a garage sale, and has almost identical marking - same PATD info (meaning rolled tone holes), mine had a "C" below the patent number in place of '(not sure)' - which indicates I have a Melody C horn ("A" would indicate std Eb Alto). GREGORY Model A Model B Los Angeles Composite Rico Reloplex Hollywood Master Hollywood Simpson Gale Hollywood Gale Companion Gale Triple-Rail Gale Hollywood/Dukoff Metal MEYER Tru-Flex Brothers New York New York USA Current Production Made is USA MISCELLANEOUS Claude Lakey Guy Hawkins Phil Barone Wolfe Tayne Woodwind Co. What would be a fair price to pay for this model in good condition. 6313173622

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